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Hello all. I'm new to the world of Reaper, well almost. The truth is I have yet to take the plunge, but I feel sure I'm going to give it a try. I 'm just coming from trying out Music Studio Producer, which was a fine DAW app except that it is so unstable, and I need all the stability I can get.

I've read all of the posts here, but seeing as there's a new version of Reaper (just out earlier this month) I thought I might ask about the functionality of some of my MUST HAVE VSTi's, and a few non-essentials, but faves.

Must Have VSTi:
Synth1 VST v1.07
Mellowsound v1.0
Drumatic 3 v1.0
DR-Fusion 2 v1.0

Fave VSTi:
GTG SF-Synth 3
VB-1 v1.0
MiniMogue VA 1.0
Superwave P8 v1.0
EVM UltraSonique
EVM Grand Piano
Cygnus 2
ERS Drums

Guitar Suite
Classic Series
Freeverb 2
JVM 900

I know some of these have been commented on previously, but I was wondering about possible changes in status since the new version of Reaper. Great to see a forum like this! Thanks.

PS - I need a good free B3 Organ VSTi, and if it would work well within Reaper - all the better!


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