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Originally Posted by RAgamesound View Post
Shane, this is an amazing tool for video game audio designers. I actually switched from Reaper on Mac to Reaper on Windows specifically to use this :-D. I have a big feature request, that would make it the ultima-awesome-cool-supertool for video game audio rendering.

Would it be possible to make AutoRender read flags *from the region name*? I'll often have, in a session, the need for multiple types of sound files. I may want some FX to render out mono, some stereo, some 48khz, some 22.050 khz, etc. What I'm doing right now is adding flags in, doing the renders separately, and then editing the file names. For example, a region called

Ambient_Bells #mono #48 would render a file called "Ambient_Bells" as mono 48k.

That. Would. Be. Even. Awesomer. :-D!

Thanks so much for this tool, it's a huggge time saver. And completely replaces the render queue, as far as I'm concerned :-)
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