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Linuxsampler seems to be very unstable in Reaper (but I could be mistaken) and Synthfont I certainly don't want to mess with. I like stuff that can load without much work into ShortCircuit as that is the sampler I decided upon. There are also a few very nice piano soundfonts floating around the net.

But for my music I don't really need a properly sampled concert grand piano, pianos like in SQ8L are sufficient for me. And there are some very usable pianos in ProteusVX that I'm going to add to the list together with a few other romplers.

I also have the Tascam CVpiano wich sounded absolutely great when it was working but for some reason it won't load it's samplebank anymore. And the need to reinstall it to get it working is already reason enough for me to scratch it.
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