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@klangfarben & _stevie_

I understand your point of view, but I find it so sad!
There is Reaper, Justin and a good twenty talented script writers who are part of this community. For the last two years, I have been under the impression that the 20 script writers spend their time trying to reproduce mostly features of other DAWs and that justin spends his time correcting the bugs that result from requests to add functions that resemble other DAWs.

What is this feeling of inferiority to PT, SO3, ABleton live? If we talk about finality, there is nothing that one of these DAws can do and that RPR can not do.

In addition, in case of transition from a DAw to RPR, trying to recover its old habits is the worst way to apprehend RPR! The proof in this thread! Some prefer to use a script rather than the basic functions of RPR.

In short, if Justin and the 20 great writers here were spending their energy and talent on creating new things, shaking up barriers and putting their creativity to work for innovation, rather than trying to reinvent the woodwheel, I think the whole community would win and that RPR would be 10 times more powerful and ergnomic than it already is.

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