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Undos is a very valid concern ! and I also prefer small project change incrementation.

and you removed all the areas.
Actually, nope.

As you can see in Sexan GIF,
the Area selection isn't erased after script execution,

so CTRL+Z is possible without having to remake all the sections by hand. They are persistent.

I think the ability to remove parts of a section is the only thing missing for propper section edges adjustement (unless I missed it on Sexan GIF).

This was a visual consideration. I think everyone at least once use a "split a time selection edges" actions and realize he split all the items on all tracks EDIT(or at least some others but the rigth one) because he forget to select the right items before. This is error is just not possible with area selection, as you don't need to have tracks or items selected to show the Area of action. You see instantly the area of action. No selection consideration required (for better or for worse, but at least for "different").
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