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This may be of help to some people. Thanks to Edgemeal and Julian Sader's new extension here's two scripts, one to open Reaticulate if it isn't open:

hWnd = reaper.JS_Window_Find("Reaticulate", true)-- find window by title bar text
if hWnd ~=nil then -- 
else -- launch  script
  cmd = reaper.NamedCommandLookup('_RSbe259504561f6a52557d2d1c64e52ef13527bf17') --put command ID here
  if cmd > 0 then 
    reaper.Main_OnCommand(cmd, 0)
    reaper.MB("Invalid script Command ID!","ERROR",0)  
And another to close it if it is open:

hWnd = reaper.JS_Window_Find("Reaticulate", true) -- find window by title bar text
if hWnd ~=nil then 
 reaper.Main_OnCommand(reaper.NamedCommandLookup"_RSbe259504561f6a52557d2d1c64e52ef13527bf17", 1) -- put command ID here
You can link these to your open MIDI item commands so, for example, Reaticulate always opens when you open a MIDI item and always closes when you close the MIDI editor. You'll probably have to swap out the command ID for whatever it is on your machines.
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