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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
I'm not sure that would give you a complete sound field though. From my understanding, A format is just the equivalent of four signals from a tetrahedral mic capsule array. By using two stereo reverbs on such a signal, you wouldn't get interaction between some of the signals.
The method I use is to decode the three m/s signals (left/right, up/down, front/back) into three stereo signals, feed them into three true stereo reverbs (or any other such effect) and then re-encode them back to B format using m/s encoding on the three reverb outputs. This method completely retains the original 3D sound field integrity. If you bypass the reverbs, the input to output is totally transparent.]
A format is exactly equivalent to B format of the same order. Much like mid-side and stereo, one can convert back and forth with absolutely no loss. Your method of 3 stereo verbs on a 6 speaker axial decode will achieve a good result. At the same time 4 channels of reverb on the 4 channels of A-format will achieve a good result as well.
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