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Originally Posted by airon View Post
That's a good point.

Basic plugins are free. The upmixer isn't cheap, but I'll give the free plugins a try after the current project when I can experiment a little. If it can save me a rebalance pass for the 5.1 version(I primarily mix for the LTRT stereo version first), it may be worth it.
If you send Richard from Blue Ripple Sound an email, he will hook you up with fully functional, time limited demo versions of the paid packages. I ended up purchasing the upmixers and the decoders. Combined with the free core plugins, these have all my bases covered. You might find some of the other packages worth checking out too though.

I'll have to update the post I made with my Ambisonic reverb templates. I have done some tweaks lately that improve the imaging considerably. These templates allow you to use any FX plugin you have in true B format mode (width, height and depth in and out). They're only first order at this stage but I find reverbs, delays and modulation FX fit very convincingly into higher order mixes even though they are first order. All your primary sources are still HOA and these give you the bulk of your directional cues.
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