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Fergler, I see, great! and thanks then atleast nothing is wrong with my way of doing things if I so wish, technically, like bugs or distortions, phase issues etc etc and what have I read others speak of.. ?

Like this: Tip

1: Put a song on track1.
2: Mute the track1's master, no sound.
3: Still on track1, Put JS 4-BandSplitter on it.
4: Make 4 new empty tracks and start with drag from track1's IO to track2's IO = 1/2 v 1/2.
5: Repeat, from track1 to track3, 3/4 v 1/2 ('new chan on sending track')
6: Repeat, from track1 to track4, 5/6 v 1/2 ('new chan on sending track')
7: Repeat, from track1 to track5, 7/8 v 1/2 ('new chan on sending track')

And of course I can fold away this and only put my fav amp on the higher band and compress the low and have fun, and what evs parameters to show, might go for wide, now Not wide, or verb, or all of above, it is totally up to the boss.
I am just so fond of this kind of control or 'unlimitless' creativity at my feet, that's all.

Ps, Fergler, I am writing like this because I figure it's a forum and others might be curious to know different ways, tricks etc, ok?
Now back to easedroppings (did i spell that right?)

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