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Default Complete track / Reaper files

Thanks for this info, Gerry. I forgot this time to set grid to 1/16.

I will read Manual again, but I already did, well..

Now I have done it manually and made a Little track with Reasynth (SynthBass) and a piano (Piano one) in order to show what a complete song with this drum loop could sound like. I did drum loop correction manually.

The Reaper Project includes midi drums, 2xsynth midi, 2xpiano midi (muted and master parent send deactivated), piano Audio (Audio of midi tracks!) and a track with mp3 of the complete mix.

You do not have to download wav file (piano 17,97 MB) if you have a piano VSTi plugin (Piano one or whatever). In this case you could activate/unmute midi piano and activate parent send. I suppose you do not have to download mp3 (1.12 MB) file either.

Or you can listen to mp3 only. (but start listening from the very beginning, if you do not, the beat could drive you mad...itīs pretty strange))
For a serious recording I would use better drums, of course, and a jazzier played snare !


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