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Giano - I suspect from your example that you are expecting quantise to set itself up the way you want it to work without actually telling it the correct parameters in the first place.

In order for quantising to work reasonably well, your playing does have to be at the very least in the ballpark. And you WILL have to set up ANY quantiser so it knows how far it is allowed to move stuff.

An example of this is that if you have a bar or two of notes that are sounding iffy and you want to quantise them, you cant just set quantise at a random amount percentage wise and not specify the note length boundary.
Say you have a note that is behind the beat by 1/16 and you have Q set to 1/32 Q will merely move the errant note to the nearest 1/32nd on the grid, not necessarily where you want it.
And of course IF you have an errant note that us further out than your minimum step, it WILL be moved to either the previous or next FULL step.

I sincerely hope this gets you thinking along the right lines.
Quantisation is a powerful and useful tool but you DO have to fully understand how it works.
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