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Default SMDrums for RS5K, TX16Wx, and Kontakt (Free Drums)

(All new Snare for Reaper RS5K)

SMDrums: Dynamic Drums for ReaSamplOmatic (RS5K), TX16Wx, and Kontakt.
A few Demos:
Douple Kicking the Triplets...
Here's a little Funky Beat...
Free Forming with SMD...
Taking It Easy With 6-8...
SMDrums used in a song, "Stop ReaMix (Ponk's Mix Contest)"...
  • Some of the features for SMDrums
    • Multi-Miced
    • Round Robins
    • Several layers (up to 32 and more...)
Although SMDrums has been programmed in Kontakt as a multi miced kit, due to RAM considerations, the samples have been mixed to stereo for RS5K and TX16Wx.

**IF you previously downloaded the kits for a particular Sampler, then you only need to download what's marked *NEW*, please refer to the manual**

======================<<Reaper and RS5K>>====================
Samples to download for ReaSamplOmatic____________________________________ _______
(**IF you have not allready downloaded the following two ZIP files, then you'll need to do so**)

SMD Stereo Cymbals Stereo (Samples).zip (Hats, Rides, & Crash)...[1.8gig]
SMDrums Stereo Drums (Samples).zip (Kiks, Snares, & Toms)...[446M]

SMD Snare_HyB Stereo (Samples).zip[/B] (SMD Snare HyB)...[100M] *NEW*
>For ReaSamplOmatic (RS5K) there are four kit sizes to choose from depending on your computer capabilities.
>These numbers represent the RAM that Reaper showed when they were put together in their most basic form.
>There is a chart in the RS5K Manual that shows the kit pieces and Round Robins that go in each kit.
SMDrums (1400) FX *NEW*
SMDrums (1600) FX *NEW*
SMDrums (2600 FX *NEW*
SMDrums (7100) FX
>I highly advise, as soon as you load any of these Reaper Projects, select all the tracks other than the midi tracks and then save them as track templates.
>The download links for RS5K users are as follows and the manual also explains how to install them.
SMDrums Reaper Project files for [899KB] *NEW*
Manual #2 for RS5K (Includes instulation).zip [1M] *NEW*
=======================<<Kontakt 5 files>>=======================
**SM DRUMS 1.1 KONTAKT 5 KIT : Now with Keymap Customization**
Click here to see a Video showing how the Keymap works
Samples to download for Kontakt___________________________________________ _______
(**IF you have not allready downloaded the following three sample files, then you'll need to do so**)

SMD Stereo Cymbals (Samples).zip (Hats, Rides, & Crash)...[1.8gig]

SMDrums Multi-Mic (Samples).zip (Individual mics for Kiks, Snares, & Toms)...[1.4Gig]

SMD Snare_HyB Stereo (Samples).zip (SMD Snare HyB)...[69M]
(**The following files are new and must be downloaded, the installation guide will explain how to install**)
SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1>>(Kontakt nki, nkm, nkr, nkc, and Resources files)...[6MB] *NEW*
SMDrums_Manuals_&_Instalation >>Manuals and installation Guides for Kontakt.[434KB] *NEW*
Reaper Project files for Kontakt>>Reaper project files for Demo & Keymap...[365KB] *NEW*

=======================<<Sforzando (sfz)>>=======================
Samples & files to download for Sforzando_________________________________________ __ (Samples and related files for Sforzand)...[2.3gig]

Manual #2, Track Templates, Reaper Proj >>
Manuals and installation Guides for Sforzando.[2.3MB]

=====<<Project files and Manual for TX16Wx (Programed by Suleiman)>>======
Samples to download for TX16Wx______________________________

SMD Stereo Cymbals Stereo (Samples).zip (Hats, Rides, & Crash)...[1.8gig]
SMDrums Stereo Drums (Samples).zip (Kiks, Snares, & Toms)...[446M]

SMDrums Reaper Project (TX16Wx).zip>>
SMDrums TX16Wx>>

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.
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