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Originally Posted by Lunar Ladder View Post
Many film scores (and tv and game scores) do. That's why I mentioned hybrid productions, which are very commonplace these days.

And there are numerous ways of expressing yourself in electronic music other than just EDM. Even if we're counting only completely electronic material, but in reality there are blends of electronic and other material all over the place

In the end, the point is: you said implementing automation items "primarily serves EDM producers", however, they serve a lot wider userbase. No biggie.
I'll try one more time. What genre or musical style do you think was closest to the forefront of the developers' minds when they developed this feature? EDM or "hybrid film score productions"? If I was to use the region of my brain responsible for critical thinking, I'd have to put my money on EDM. Regardless of the applicability toward other genres this feature has, EDM is the genre that has center stage in the DAW development landscape at the moment. I mean, look at Ableton, Reason, and the new version of Cubase. They're getting more and more popular, because electronic music production has been exploding steadily since 2011. Not only that, DAWs that refuse to update for better MIDI and automation functionality are floundering, like Pro Tools. Even if you wanted to split hairs and draw a distinction between EDM, D&B, or Dubstep, which I don't, my point would still stand. The Cockos team is developing this feature in order to stay competitive in the current market, not because film score composers need sick LFO tools.
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