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Originally Posted by Blankfiles View Post
Hey sory for the long delay ! the new about this theme aren't bad ,I will not update it ! for the reason that I hate to work whit ,and to many limitation in reaper to do something that I realy want to do whit this theme I think since one year I never see news updates in the daw for the mixer ect...only for items automation so maybe in the future but for the moment concerto is close!! you can do everthing that you want whit change or take images ect I will do another theme but just waiting some good news about Reaper imself I am sory for the one how realy love this theme but if I can help you let me know
Understandable. It's unfortunate that they've spent an entire year developing automation in a way that primarily serves EDM producers, and virtually nobody else. People have been making mixer suggestions for quite some time, but it doesn't seem at all to be a priority.
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