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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
FWIW I think REAPER will always be faster in Windows for screen updates, since macOS does a lot of composition in putting together the views which isn't incredibly fast. We could maybe work around this by using OpenGL views for some views on the mac side, I will experiment with this soon.

I went in to an Apple store to test on a 5k imac... it seemed to work fine with the default scaling -- not as fast as Windows, for sure, but very usable. I did notice an issue with the magic trackpad where sometimes the events would get backed up and keep replaying after you stop touching the pad. This was an issue that started in El Capitan, and we mostly worked around, but I suppose that it's still an issue.

For reference here is the system I was testing:

Awesome thank you very much for looking into it and explaining why macOS is slower.., i really hope when you experiment with the OpenGL that it makes Reaper as smooth as windows or closer at least, otherwise i will have to go windows as i am really hating using Reaper on macOS right now.., its just far to laggy and glitchy..., i have never liked or used their magic trackpad and i don't even like the magic mouse 2.

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