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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
As we discussed in your other thread SymboliC, your Reaper might be corrupted.

You might want to think about that Portable install. It's pretty simple and if you don't want it, you only have one folder to delete.

Reaper has it's own LICcap that captures gif files. I tried to find the link but no luck, maybe someone else can provide that.

Reaper also has Stash where you can upload your files.

Hi Tod,

Actually I'm not reinstalling Reaper because I'm not still sure whether this happens because of a mistake/change in settings that I did somewhere else or it's a bug/corruption issue on its own.

I'll try to capture/record the problem and see if someone might come up with an answer.

But, OTOH, because of my MIDI editor issues I might consider doing a fresh install...

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