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Originally Posted by doppelganger View Post
funny, when apple was not greedy company? their products were always very expensive.
An expensive product doesnít make the manufacturer greedy. Besides, the pricing is constructed very differently. Add the price of a few Windows Home Professionals to any PC and suddenly most Macs arenít very expensive. Then add the time and money required for PC TI support and maintenance and suddenly Macs are cheap. And the longer lifetime. Nobody would consider doing pro audio and semi-professional video editing on a 6-year old PC, which the MBP handles fine.

A PC was manageable when I was enthusiastic enough to learn all the optimizations and all the tricks that were required for it to even be able to do professional audio. But once I had to cut down the time used for tweaking, a Windows PC was simply not a possibility.

Unfortunately the present and the future are indeed a bit gloomy for Apples as well. Even I have no idea what my next computer will be, eventually.
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