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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Just corrected a mistake in the BCR2000mk2.mst contained in the download.
Thanks for the quick update, will try it out tomorrow night.

Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Instead we opted for global modifiers, here are the ones currently available:


So in your .rst file you must designate some or all of the above, obviously the more buttons you can spare to allocate from the surface the more combinations you get, so let's say you can allocate all 4 buttons it will look something like this, although your midi numbers may be different:

Shift PressRelease 90 46 7f 90 46 00
Option PressRelease 90 47 7f 90 47 00
Control PressRelease 90 48 7f 90 48 00
Alt PressRelease 90 49 7f 90 49 00
On the modifier example, the way you've implemented the 4 standard ones as global is great, and opens up exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. By global, do you mean across all pages?

The icing on the cake would be if it would be possible to have a label show up in the MCU display indicating what the modifier combo was loaded with (Klinke again)

I have some other sketchy thoughts about having one one axt file reference multiple devices, but I will do the work of trying to achieve what I want with what's there first.

Another one; from the PDF in the distro:

"You can set up Actions to navigate instantly between Pages"

Is there an example of this somewhere?

Edit:In case it's useful to anyone, I have a little sketch pad going showing what's going on with my BCF. It's fw 1.10 and in NCso mode (MCU Sonar), and the buttons differ substantially to the initial docs from Behringer. I'll add in the numbers for the strip buttons when I get home. I got the MCU specification data tab from someone on these forums back in the day.

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