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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
I like this (I think..)

So now we have 3 separate definitions for the .axt: ActionZone, ChannelZone and NavigationZone.

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Does the NavigationZone define which Channels are Bankable, Stepable or Drillable (X,Y,Z)?

I wonder whether the word 'Channel' is a bit specific. In your example it's completely appropriate, but conceivably it could represent a collection of widgets on a C4 surface that don't Bank or Step, but only Drill. When I read Channel, I immediately think 'vertical strip'.
Good Point, let's rename ChannelZone to Zone

The fact the the NavigationZone is of type Track will sort out which direction, presumably we'll have:

NavigationZone Track
NavigationZone Slot
NavigationZone Dril

and perhaps others as well, still very preliminary thus far.
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