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Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Have a portable instance now running 5.965 and the latest CSI download

My aim will be to contribute towards beta testing the releases here on. I have a BCF which is in MCU Sonar mode, and this banged up old BCR setup with MixMonkey's sysex/patch. I will happily take on maintenance of the BCR config started by Mix as I have the unit and am motivated to get it working.
Great news, welcome to the group !

Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
The BCF/MCU is working out of the box with the latest release, however the midi log is
spewing messages like these pretty hard and non-stop:

OUT -> BCF d0 80000010 00
OUT -> BCF d0 80000010 00
Those are the VU meters, to disable them, In the .mst change these:

VUMeter1      MCUVUMeter 0
VUMeter2      MCUVUMeter 1
VUMeter3      MCUVUMeter 2
VUMeter4      MCUVUMeter 3
VUMeter5      MCUVUMeter 4
VUMeter6      MCUVUMeter 5
VUMeter7      MCUVUMeter 6
VUMeter8      MCUVUMeter 7
/VUMeter1      MCUVUMeter 0
/VUMeter2      MCUVUMeter 1
/VUMeter3      MCUVUMeter 2
/VUMeter4      MCUVUMeter 3
/VUMeter5      MCUVUMeter 4
/VUMeter6      MCUVUMeter 5
/VUMeter7      MCUVUMeter 6
/VUMeter8      MCUVUMeter 7

Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Also when used alone, the BCR is working as before. I simply migrated the .rst to an .mst and left everything else the same.

The two don't play nice together. With both enabled, one or neither works.

Is there a log file I can read to help diagnose?

Edit: I say the BCR is working as before, and this includes not working on startup, working once then not even showing midi logging, then after re-adding, showing midi logging but not working.
Edit 2: and for the BCF, at this stage I'm calling it working if the track level and pan work correctly, haven't got anywhere near the other stuff
Please just post your CSI.ini file contents here, might be something we can catch by looking at that file.
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