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Have a portable instance now running 5.965 and the latest CSI download

My aim will be to contribute towards beta testing the releases here on. I have a BCF which is in MCU Sonar mode, and this banged up old BCR setup with MixMonkey's sysex/patch. I will happily take on maintenance of the BCR config started by Mix as I have the unit and am motivated to get it working.

The BCF/MCU is working out of the box with the latest release, however the midi log is
spewing messages like these pretty hard and non-stop:

OUT -> BCF d0 80000010 00
OUT -> BCF d0 80000010 00

Also when used alone, the BCR is working as before. I simply migrated the .rst to an .mst and left everything else the same.

The two don't play nice together. With both enabled, one or neither works.

Is there a log file I can read to help diagnose?

Edit: I say the BCR is working as before, and this includes not working on startup, working once then not even showing midi logging, then after re-adding, showing midi logging but not working.
Edit 2: and for the BCF, at this stage I'm calling it working if the track level and pan work correctly, haven't got anywhere near the other stuff

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