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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
There have been reports of failing/malfunctioning USB connections on the BCR2000, so you might end up on MIDI. It's a bit slower to send data when setting ip but doesn't seem to make any difference in actual use.
Ok, so back on topic, and after discovering my USB hub doesn't play nice with MIDI devices, I now understand all the resource files and also the BC Man config.

The FX mappings are working great, but for me the Channel mappings are not working as expected.

In the MIDI log I see the following when pressing button 1 on the top row:

IN -> r 90 08 00
IN -> r 90 08 7f

Seems that should be mapping to TrackSolo according to the .rst and .axt files, but it's not activating solo.

Looking really good though, thanks once again for all the hard work.

I don't know if any kind of automap functionality has been discussed for FX. Klinke's plugin does this of course, and it matches the order of params visible when you turn off the FX UI and just see faders.

Would be a nice way to tinker with those old VST synths with 100s of params straight out of the box.
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