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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
#1 is a big, big no-no. Doing this will just get you a guitar sound that's louder but still sitting smack in the middle of the stereo spectrum. It's the tiny differences between each take that makes double-tracking sound the way it does.

#2 is the most common, though #3 gets used a lot too. For an even bigger sound, you can combine them - two takes with Sound A, panned left and right, and then two MORE takes with Sound B, generally panned a little to the inside of the first two.

Obviously the more takes, the tighter your playing will need to be, but when done properly this can get your guitars to sound like Freddy Mercury's big vocal choirs.
How would #1 be sitting in the middle of the stereo spectrum, unless you pan them to C, especially if you put reverb on one side or harmonizer, etc.?
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