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Default Some 32-bit VSTs show up with "(x86)" added...

OK, so I got a new laptop running Windows 7 x64, and of course Reaper x64. Works GREAT so far, can run with 64 samples asio buffer more than 30 tracks no problem! And with no W7-tweaks, just wait till I get around to tweaking

But... it turns out, now that I load my old projects, that some of the 32-bit VSTs get named with an additional "(x86)", that wasn't there when running on 32-bit XP. Thus, Reaper cannot find those plugins!

I say "some" but what I mean (at the moment) is "one", and this Glaceverb from DaSample ( In the project file which came from Reaper x86 on XP, it is named GlaceVerb (DaSample), while Reaper x64 lists it as GlaceVerb (x86)(DaSample). Obviously, this means that Reaper x64 claims not to be able to find the plugin, and I'm not sure how to replace the plugin while keeping the settings...

EDIT: I take that back, I really do mean most 32-bit plugins. So the question really is, if I have a project that came from a 32-bit environment, how can I get Reaper x64 to load that properly with the correct VSTs in the correct place? It does not happen as it is now.
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