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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
I mean that the 7 pitches and basic note names of them is foundational in western music. Most everything is built on top of it.
yes it is foundational in western classical music (i.e. like Bach, Mozart, The Church etc)

no it is not foundational in western music of the past 100 years (and that was my point in the OP)

Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
Yes, there really are 12, but from a western music perspective we can think of the other 5 as being ancillary to the 7.
no, this ended with jazz, modern classical, regular modal music.

the only thing now important about those 5 is that they have "more non-subtle perceptive" relation to the physical harmonics of the "home tone's" fundamental than the others.

Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
In other words, it isn't just a notation system. The notation system is integral to a bigger music system.
don't mistake the importance of the physics (the fundamental's harmonics) with humankind's awkward notation system which attempts to symbolize the physics.

rather than continuing the (seemingly endless) philosophical & abstract stuff it would be far better to discuss aspects of the example from this thread: adXok's music system, specifically parts like: what was the background of the note name choice, have example charts been written with the chords to compare to a couple jazz standard in typical notation, what's a beatles' chart look like, how to easily notate the bass player's root (when it is altered from the notated chord played by the other parts, i.e. "C7/G"), etc.

If anyone wants to propose new ideas for notation, that would be great too, for example: what would it look like to reverse the current notation system's indicators for triads and 7th chords. Currently: G and G7. If the notation centered on 7th chords by default such that "G" indicated what's now G7, then how would "G" in the new system be altered notationally to then indicate a triad, or a minor, or a major-7th chord form. Why center the notation around a dominant 7th chord, and force other chords to add alternation symbols? Because: it could be considered the most important chord form, for the purposes of a new system. It is the most common chord form in jazz, for example, and that could be considered reason enough to center around it.

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