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Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
OK, I rendered with the following settings

and it is still fully in sync with the original. It doesn't null, of course, but the transients are at exactly the same places for the original and the rendered.
I think I've found the issue Fabian, with your help! Thanks for taking the time.

I was exporting using Apple's AVFoundation. Many years ago I found this to be better than using FFMPEG. Well it much faster to run out exports so opted ti use it as the main codec.

I updated to the latest FFMPEG 4.1.4 build today and used this as the export option, trying AAC 128, 320 and WAV. All exports were perfect, no frame delay with the audio.

I also tested AVFoundation again with the same results; WAV was fine, AAC was a frame late.

FFMPEG is still slower when exporting compared to AVFoundation but the time is negligible when runnin out short MOVS...and more importantly they are in sync!

I'd be interested to know if anyone else on a Mac has this issues with AVFoundation with AAC settings. Anyone care to test? If it is an issue hopefully Apple will fix it in the future.
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