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Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
I just tried it with a video that I'm working on. I rendered the video (MOV, H.264, 30fps, 24 bit PCM) and then brought the render into the same project. Doing a null test, the audio nulls perfectly, so the one frame delay you experience does not happen here (Reaper v5.980/x64, W/x64).

Could it be problem with PDC, somehow?
Good shout Fabian! Appreciate your help.

I was running out a MOV with AAC audio. I just did a test again, both with AAC and PCM. PCM was spot on, AAC was a frame out. So it looks like it is to do with the codec. Could you try with AAC please? You may not have that option as you are Windows. I'm using the AVfoundation option when exporting.

(Reaper v5.979/64, Mac OS Mojave)
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