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Originally Posted by zamboknee View Post
I'm messing around with Loopback for this but wanted to know if there was a simpler way to record audio from other apps?
Would love to be able to set an input and be able to record from an app like Farrago or QwertyGo! for podcast purposes?
Even Safari.

I use Soundflower for this. I do it a lot.

I also create an aggregate audio device in macOs to include my interface. So input 1/2 is the loopback driver, and inputs 3-18 are my focusrite, which allows me to record BOTH the loopback and my instruments (plus monitoring!) simultaneously. Amazingly I dont perceive any latency.

I also use Quicktime 'New->Screen recording' to record the screen and audio. In those cases when I dont want to use Reaper to record the audio. is offline   Reply With Quote