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Default Video Render - 1 frame out

If I lay back a stereo master wav to a video film the export is 1 frame out, delayed from the master.

Does this happen for anyone else?

Please see the screen shot:

Track 1 - Video from the editor which I will use to export (audio is a wip mix supplied by me)
Track 2 - Master stereo wav I have created
Track 3 - MOV render of the above two tracks (audio from video muted) from Reaper. 1 frame out.
Track 4 - Render of the Master stereo wav as a wav, fine.

I hope that makes sense! I have tried this on other projects with different videos and get the same result.

I have searched the forum and not found any posts regarding this. Forgive me if I have missed this, please point me in the right direction if you are aware of it.

Thanks for any help!


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