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I have most things working.

Bi-directional control of faders
Bi-directional control of Pan encoders (LED ring feedback)
Transport controls (one way only)

Mute and Solo buttons work, but you have to press them twice for each action (one way only)

I can live with the one way action on the Transport, Mute and Solo, but would like to get the Mute and Solo buttons working properly (press on/press off)

I also have FastForward and Rewind buttons, any chance I could get them mapped to the Reaper "go to start" and "go to end" buttons in the Reaper transport, or to use them as jog buttons?

Part of my problem was the console, it sends/receives midi CC numbers for the channel strips, but the transport controls send midi note numbers.
The console has a bug in it, it sends midi note numbers one octave higher than what you program into it, once I figured that out(thanks to MIDIOX)everything started working.

I'll still have to play around with the Mute and Solo feedback to see what's going on there, I am sure it is something in the console settings, if the faders and encoders work, then they should work also.

And could we possibly get 16 channels in a future update?
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