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Originally Posted by clepsydrae View Post
Ultraschall itself looks interesting, too -- any hope of an English translation of the main page?

And thanks for your work on this framework!
You may take a look at our GitHib repository which comes with english translations:

As for the website, use this translator it's brilliant and way better than google translate:

The user interface of Ultraschall is already 100% english.

Your main source of knowledge are the tutorial videos, more than 30 hours:

And these are in german only. Without the screencasts, chances are low that you will "get the hang" of our approach to podcasting on REAPER.
Currently, we do not support the english market for lack of resources. Podcasting is a very different business in the USA - frankly speaking it's no business at all in Germany but a large crowd of enthusiasts who do it in their spare time. For example, there is no market for advertising - for many listeners in Germany feel annoyed by ads.

Thus, our Ultraschall project lacks an "enterprise" support model. Ultraschall is open source and pro bono. We would be eaten alive by the US market.

We plan to release some interesting stuff here, though - e.g. our "dynamics 2" voice effect with expander, limiter, compressor:
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