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Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
Will be done at some point. It's big but should be doable.

FXChains, Routings and other Tracksettings are easy to store.
The biggest problem is rather, that part of the mix are also automation/envelopes for a whole track, so they would need to be saved too.
And Tempo and other such Maps for the Master Track.
Or not?
Still thinking of that to find a proper way of doing it.
Look at FLstudio's "project bones" - it's almost like I want to say - remember that track we did back in september? That vocal sound was coool. Let's go get it.

Navigate to project folder/project bones/vocals/fx chains/vocals/vocals.rfx
/track templates/vocals.tracktemplate

which was automagically saved on render or something.
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