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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
im looking for a way for them to be mass-saved for each project automatically
Will be done at some point. It's big but should be doable.

FXChains, Routings and other Tracksettings are easy to store.
The biggest problem is rather, that part of the mix are also automation/envelopes for a whole track, so they would need to be saved too.
And Tempo and other such Maps for the Master Track.
Or not?
Still thinking of that to find a proper way of doing it.

Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
Many thanks for this "Mammutwerk".

As I'm no programmer I have to wait what others create with your library. But I'm pretty curious about the outcome. And of course I can't await to get my obligatory snowflakes inside Reaper. (If it is what I imagine.)

Yes, the snowflakes display snowflakes on your gfx-window. There's a thread in here, where I uploaded a script called WinterlySnowflakes. In there, there's also a gif that shows, how it looks.
It's basically the same

Originally Posted by andyp24 View Post
This looks really interesting, as the Radio and Audio Drama work I'm involved in has many similarities to podacst work (which I also do, by the way).

I'm learning to write scripts for various features I (and colleagues in similar areas of work) need, and these functions could be really useful.

I can't pretend I understand it very well yet, but I look forward to trying them out and seeing what I can do with them.

Yay, I hope, it could become useful for you. Just take your time to dig through the Introduction/Concepts-page, it should show you a whole lot of things, split into use-case-categories.
Many of these functions make programming with more advanced concepts easier than doing it with Lua and Reaper's API alone, which should make writing complex scripts easier that way, with a "lower entrypoint" for new programmers.
Ultraschall-API - a Lua-functions-library4Reaper:
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs4Reaper:
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