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Originally Posted by kilna View Post
I'm a developer with a couple of decades of experience, but I've never developed for Reaper or in lua before. With enough patience I could probably write something to accomplish this goal, but I want to confirm something meeting some or all of my needs doesn't already exist.
@kilna Can I ask - do you know how to make 32bit plugins work properly? I have a 9-year old plugin but it works fine in Reaper32 bit but will no longer bridge into Reaper64 bit.

Actually it did work in Reaper64 bit but then I upgraded from Win7 to Win10 and then it stopped (just freezes up Reaper when I tried to load it up).

I wondered if its was the C++ libraries so I installed them but nothing worked.
But again, it works fine in Reaper32 bit in Win10.
Any ideas? (I tired JBridge etc...)
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