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There are 2 approaches you can take, I've only done one of them so far.

The first, which I have done, is to create a separate track for each note-specific VST instance, and set the track's MIDI-in to just one of the MIDI input channels. I made the same number of these to match the number of MIDI channels the Roli was configured to output on. This worked when manually configured.

The second method, which I have not done yet because I only just concocted it, is to create a single track with a large number of outputs... and set the "MIDI input" in the IO section of the plugin connector for that specific FX instance to "MIDI Bus 1" (which I assume limits to MIDI channel 1 since there are 16 busses listed)... and then route audio output channels 1+2 of the VST as appropriate (in the case of the second instance, channels 3+4, in the case of the 3rd 5+6, etc). Ideally this would be the approach; I don't want to have a ton of separate tracks if I can avoid it, and from what I was reading it seems that parameter modulation works natively only within a track. Hopefully the multiple output channels can be mixed down to stereo within the FX chain.
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