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Short answer: JSFXes can do this. Reascripts can't. So LUA etc is out of question, you need to do JSFX programming in EEL. No big deal if you are a software developer. We can work together on this.

Long answer:

I am intending to buy a Seaboard Rise 49, and so I am very interested in this discussion.

At firs I want to get my monophonic plugins e.g. (Kontakt based) Sample Modeling and (SWAM based) Audio Modeling run with the Seaboard. Does this already work for you without hassle ?

Then I'd like to use the Seaboard as a usual keyboard (as it is supposed to replace the "upper" masterkeyboard in my Live setup). Does this already work for you without hassle ?

Then I'll try to learn to play MPE instruments (e.g. the famous synth plugin that comes with the Seaboard). What did you find trying this ?

I found that Pianoteq in fact does handle MPE. I might want to try this, but it does not seem to make much sense for me. I don't know about Kontakt's ability to use MPE. Do you ?

Finally I'd like to create a setup with multiple monophonic instruments combined to an MPE instruments. I found that with the Seaboard you can set the count of channels used with MPE. Maybe this is enough for a recording type of work, but for Live, the count of available voices maybe needs to be dynamically managed. I suppose I rather easily can do a JSFX that distributes the messages to appropriate channels if necessary. What do you think ?


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