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Default Most hassle-free way to make non-MPE plugins work like MPE?

I love my Roli seaboards, and I also love the MPE instruments that are playable with them. However, I already have a lot of money invested in non-MPE plugins. In an ideal world, I'd be able to leverage these.

MPE allows you to pitch bend and adjust all sorts of CCs per each played note. It does this by changing the MIDI channel of each played note and having the associated control changes for a given note be locked to he channel that note was played on.

You can emulate MPE with non-MPE plugins... "all" you have to do is run a separate instance of the plugin responding to each MIDI channel. The rub... separate instances means separate FX parameters for each instance.

Ideally, I'd like a way to duplicate a plugin instance up to 16 times over, make each respond to a different input MIDI channel, and tie *all* parameters (perhaps via parameter modulation?) such that a change on the master is replictated to all instances. I know this will eat a lot of CPU and memory, I have a monster of a machine and these are typically light plugins, so I'm not concerned.

I'm a developer with a couple of decades of experience, but I've never developed for Reaper or in lua before. With enough patience I could probably write something to accomplish this goal, but I want to confirm something meeting some or all of my needs doesn't already exist.
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