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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
5.96+dev1011 has the ALSA updates, give that a try. I tested it on a laptop built-in audio (3 periods), a Zoom R24 USB (3 periods), and a RME HDSP PCI (2 periods) and it seems to improve the laptop built-in audio, and have no real effect on the other two.
Well drat, if anything I'm getting worse performance from ALSA than before.


I now know why ALSA has never performed as well as JACK at least on my system.

Selecting JACK with 2 periods results in different reported latency in REAPER than selecting ALSA with 2 periods.

JACK with 2 periods results in 1.4/2.9ms
ALSA with 2 periods results in 1.4/1.4ms

But interestingly . . .

ALSA with 3 periods results in 1.4/2.9ms

This totally explains why using ALSA resulted in sputtering with my system when JACK with the exact same setting did not.

What it does NOT explain is why the difference in reported latency in REAPER.
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