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Originally Posted by David Else View Post
I don't think this is the case as JACK runs on top of ALSA. I have not tested myself.
That's what one would think logically. :-) However, there are several reports of xruns like crazy in ALSA and smooth running under JACK (and surely vice versa as well). It made me think that it may have come down to applications not being specifically "tuned" to work on ALSA, whereas JACK is tuned to work on ALSA, and apps are tuned to work on JACK. That's the only thing I can think of that might cause this. But either way, I'm trying to determine if there is any truth to it, and if Reaper works better in one verses the other.

So, what is everyone's experiences when running in ALSA vs JACK? How low can you get your latency before XRuns when using each technology?
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