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Originally Posted by TheWhistler View Post
And I found another strange behavior.

I have some layouts that I like in the mcp.
Thought I could put them to a TB.

Select my tracks -> select layouts -> autoclose -> done -> would be very good.....

But the TB does not open, when the mixer is floating on a second monitor.
As soon as the mixer ist docked the TB opens as intended.
Tried anything I could think of to get it working -> but does not!

Can someone confirm this?
Your toolbar is named "Mixer", right?
Also fixed in pre-release...but the pre-release requires latest REAPER pre-release too. The changes done in between were to big to merge stuff for official SWS that works with v4...v5 brought a lot of changes that needed fixing so it's not easy to pull stuff out that applies only to v4...

So you can either rename your toolbar to something else (as long as it doesn't share the name of some other window...for example, you could name it "Mixer toolbar") or simply start using REAPER v5 pre-release.

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