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Yup, it's a bug and it's fixed in latest SWS pre-release.

Originally Posted by TheWhistler View Post
It works now
thanks again for your help. (Not just thank, I also donated)

Dear breeder: May I ask you somthing concerning your workflow? In the animated gif in the wiki,
I see lots of interesting buttons but they are gone so soon, that I just catch a glance.
You have some actions for envelopes which I find interesting.
I guess that I am doing to much with the mouse when editing envelopes.
Thanks for the donation, but that one on the site goes for site maintenance I guess (I don't know how it works to be honest, I don't deal with it). If you want to donate to me personaly, you have to use link in my sig or this topic. But thanks anyway

I'll do a screenshot of my current toolbar set together with actions that make them when I catch some time.

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