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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
Just found what I think is a bug:

1. Using FocusedFXMode, put two instances of the same plugin on the same track
2. Focus instance #1 and move some CSI knobs mapped to the plugin

Result: everything works as expected

3. Focus instance #2 of the plugin and move some CSI knobs

Result: nothing's moving, that's weird...

4. Focus back on instance #1

Result: ah...there we go. When I was moving knobs in Step 3, it was controlling instance #1, not instance #2 (even though #2 was focused).

Expected Result: the focused instance should always be the one controlled even if I have two instances on the same track.
i am having some issues with plugins .i havnt done anything but update to new build so idk if its a seems to be with the rotarypushes.some dont work and others dont toggle .all was fine with the plugins before update. all the problems seem to be with rotary pushes with toggle included.anyone else having rotarypush plugin issues ?
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