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Originally Posted by e.g.: View Post
This is what I'm saying. We are on the same page. Your mention of a new "track type" clouded the issue.
No because what I'm talking about is how it's EXPOSED AT THE UI.

I expect that to be handled "intelligently" and not like generic plugins.

Either you get that or you don't. If you don't that's fine. Just vote No.

You seem to think that the customization could be done with some fancy knob layout tool, which, does not exist.

They could potentially go that route instead, but how is that easy for the user? Perhaps they can go in both directions - a pimped out midi track and customizable knobs in general.

I see a lot of problems with just going the "customization" route -- in the sense that it would still be fiddly. How would pan and volume know where to go? What about rechannelizing via ReaControlMidi or whatever?

Now when you change the track channel, you have to change it in 3 (or more!) different places via "customization". I really don't think that's going to be "progress".

Hence my suggestion.


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