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Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
(BTW, the script preserves the notes' *beats* (PPQ) lengths, not their *time* (millisecond) lengths. If it would be more appropriate to preserve their time lengths instead, it would be easy to adapt the script.)
First off, sorry to everyone for the massive necro!

Second, thank you @juliansader for your massive contributions to the Reaper community, I use a couple of your scripts and they rock!

Now regarding this script and what you mentioned in my quote above:
The script nearly does what I want it to, and very conveniently too!
But, if you look at this GIF below, here I have 3 notes and I would want to extend the last two notes so they start 125ms earlier for the legato transition, problem is it moves the notes rather than extend them;

So this way the second note ends too early and there's no legato transition between note 2 and 3.

You mention it being easy to change how the script preserves the notes, would it be possible to have it preserve the note end entirely and merely stretch/nudge the note start?
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