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Default Different Approach

Hey fellow reaperians!

i just wanted to share how i am running reaper as guitar stomp box amp sim and fx mixing engine. it works like a charme for me except the fact that we have no big display to see where we are in the song (presets).

here's my setup:
1.just add and route anything you need like you would for a production (cut a bit on the fx maybe if you dont own a powerhorse of a laptop for the stage)
try to use as few different effects (for example delays) as possible. rather alter your favorite one through automation or an additional effect after it (bit crusher flanger over the delay or whatever)if you need a special effect.

2.set a tempo marker at the beginning of the song and create a region.
name the region after the song (or after the preset if you want) color the region! so it stands out a bit.
create markers at every spot you have automation changes (only square automation makes sense if you dont play back during performance)
name the markers as presets (if you didnt do that with the regions already

3. use actions like "go to next/previous marker" or "select next/previous region" followed by "go to start of loop"
add the desired midicontrols to your actions (i'm on a fcb1010 and for example use another action to control the master volume)
__________________________________________________ _______
thats the setup i'm goin for right now using the same amp and fx over several songs all in one project.
i started today with that

before, i was using guitar rig in reaper but for each song a different project instead of regions (you can open them one after the other(must be done by doubleclicking in the your file browser to get the new song in a tab instead of replacing the project already opened))
worked fine as well and i was stunned that the inactive tabs dont seem to use resources at all.
just use another action to switch between project tabs(songs)

let me know what you think of it and if somethings unclear just ask.

now i come to my request (maybe we could get the devs to do that hack!! )
if we could have a freely window resizeable window that shows the current(where the timelinecursor stands) region name in big fat letters backgrounded by the set region color and optional underneath the name of the current marker you've got all you need for a live situation!!!

i don't think thats much of a problem to do...?

another option would be the be able to vertically resize that small bar where regions and markers are displayed so it goes from top to bottom of the screen if so desired. the font size of the given names should auto scale then. same effect. but i think version 1 is easier to implement without fucking things up.

what you guys think about the idea?

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