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Default New Reaper user (hopefully)

Ok, so I have only been following since version 43 but I am excited about this app. I hope things get better but so far here's what I have encountered in 45.

I constantly get an error when opening the program or closing the prefrences menu that says ASIO warning, could not set requested sample rate. I have all sample rates set to 48k. My convertor rate, my clock rate and my sample rate in Reapers audio recording preferences.
Also, I get the occasional glitch with audio meaning a small click or pop on one track of audio here and there. I know it is happening in recording because I have taken the audio files and listened in other apps to check. The more audio I try to stack recording 8 tracks or 24/48 starts to get really buzzy and glitchey. I had the same problem with Vegas 5 which is why I am looking for new software to record with.

I am using an Athalon64 notebook with a MOTU896HD interface.

Please let me know if I can do anything else to help here. I am more than happy to experiment with settings and things to try to get this working.

Good going so far, I lke the simple design of the program and I hope it stays lean but gets a bit more stable.

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