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Originally Posted by Edgemeal View Post
I downloaded the zipped up (500MB) one and both VS 2015 and 2019 said file was invalid format (only have 4C/8T CPU).

I don't have any dmp files to try but IIRC... I double click dmp and it opens in VS, then on the right there is option like, Debug with Native Only, click that, then a dialog pops up I click Break, then at top of VS there is combobox (Call Stack?), dropdown that list and the first item in the list is most likely the thing that caused the crash.
I was able to run one of the files and VS spit out the following:

"Your app has entered a break state, but there is no code to show because all threads were executing external code (typically system or framework code)."

I believe this means that I need to have the source code for Reaper to be able to see what the first call stack. I know the devs can't release the source code for Reaper.

One thing that did come up under the module section of VS 2019 was 'ntdll.dll' Does that mean that ntdll.dll was the last process to be running besides reaper during the crash?
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