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Originally Posted by Klangfarben View Post
Have you also tested with the latest release version to see if you are having similar crashes? If you make an assertion that this is related to the latest pres you actually need to test that - is it this pre? The last two pres? The latest release as well?

Just saying you are having random crashes doesn't give anyone enough information to try and help, even with crash logs. As users of the dev versions, it's on us to test versions and check regressions. If you don't have the time to do that it might be best to stick with the release version for now (which will also tell you if the behavior is happening in the release).

Generally if you are the only person reporting lots of crashing it is related to 1) specific hardware you are using or 2) third party software. And while the crash logs can maybe point you in the right direction, you should be testing and documenting as much as you can to narrow down the problem a little. My guess in your scenario is that if you ran the release version for 3-4 days you'd probably see similar behavior.
Yes these hangs have happened on the this pre-release and the last 4 pre-releases. I haven't tested the public release yet. I've been trying to get the crashes to happen on a portable installation this week.

I'm doing some research on how to read memory dmp files in the mean time since seems that it's not possible for other machine with lower core counts to open my dmp file. I'll report back once I learn how windows debugging work.
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