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Originally Posted by zeekat View Post
You're a pro, though, aren't you? Probably born in a guitar case or something
Nah, I didn't start playing until I was almost 19. I mean I've played in lots of bands since then, and for about 10 years all I did was gig and mix live shows but it's all been part-time, after work and weekends since 2001. Even though I somehow have been able to play with a lot of great musicians over the years, I have always had to work harder and struggle more than everyone around me because it's less natural to me... because I started so much later than most anyone I play with.

So if there is anything I do well, which probably ain't much, I sure the hell wasn't born with it. I've had to scratch and claw for every little bit I have from day one. I think I'm just so stubborn, I just keep going regardless of defeat.

Beyond that, much of it is having your foot in the door and knowing enough people who know how to get from point A to point B - so that every time one wants to get something going it isn't really starting from square one.
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