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Updated some templates... added some useful functions and changed some button functions (on the Maschine controller templates).

Also, I figured out 7 different ways to host Maschine inside Reaper, and have a lot of awesome creative options. Just like FoxAsteria shared with everyone... I'm excited to save these templates, upload the files and get videos for you guys, showing everything.

Nearly all templates use Maschine in MIDI mode (obviously) as the extra Reaper controls (the 4-way encoder on MK3, etc) add a ton of QUICK arranging options into Reaper, using Maschine's sound library, and pads to do hip-hop or anything else.

Basically, my first way (from 2013), and my outdated YouTube video:

Group A & B - two different kits (customize to your liking from the plugin, since routing is now SAVED)
C D E (instruments-- usually bass, rhodes piano, and strings)
F G H (sample chops-- there are "sample" samples in there, or chop up your own)

New ways (2020):
4 Kits, 4 Groups of Sample Chops (E F G H)

4 Kits, 4 Instruments (E F G H)

2 Kits, 6 Instruments (C D E F G H)

2 Groups of Sample Chops-- record directly into Reaper without MIDI mode (chop up your samples quickly, record right in while in Maschine Mode

2 Groups of Sample Chops / two instances of Maschine-- same as above, but still no need to go into MIDI Mode... shift Maschine instances quickly from the hardware (SHIFT+PLUG-IN button)... and track routing already there.

4 Kits and 4 groups of sample chops (all 64 pads accessible, by using a Launchpad X and a custom MIDI map). So you can play the sample chops from the Launchpad X, and finger-drum from Maschine... great performance too. Another thing is you can use another Launchpad X midi map, to trigger Reaper Regions (looped) and add even more functionality and performance stuff.

I never stop working on this stuff... I hope you guys can appreciate my hard work!

Love ya, happy new year!


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